Mar 11
Due to license reasons the support of 3GP is not implemented in mplayer. You can play 3GP movies in mplayer but you wont hear sound.

Now you have to compile the amr support into your libavcodec.

Check comments first for newer informations regarding opencore-amr

First of all you have to download the source of mplayer.
You can get the latest version here:

Now you have to download the following files, unzip and rename them:
# cd MPlayer*/libavcodec
# wget
# unzip
# unzip
# mv c-code amr

# wget
# unzip
# unzip
# mv c-code amr_float

# wget
# unzip
# unzip
# mv c-code amrwb_float

Now just go one folder up and configure it:

# cd ..
# ./configure

You should now see the following output:

Checking for AMR narrowband ... yes 
Checking for AMR narrowband, fixed point ... no (disabled by amr_nb)
Checking for AMR wideband ... yes

Now you just have to make & make install it... Thats it!

mplayer and mencoder are now ready to decode sound of 3GP files!

Posted by Nils


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  1. ragas says:

    Thanks ..
    saved me lot of trouble...

  2. corso says:

    small correction regarding amr-wb archive has been updated and replaced with new one

  3. sumeet inani says:

    I did same but still in ./configure of mplayer says

    Checking for libopencore_amr narrowband ... no
    Checking for libopencore_amr wideband ... no

    I got mplayer-checkout-2010-02-26 snapshot.
    Copied the zip files to libavcodec directory of mplayer & extracted them there also renamed folder c-code in each case.
    What do you suggest ?

  4. Nils says:

    Looks like you're missing the opencore_amr library..
    Try installing it first.

    You can get it here:

    Or check the package-repository of your linux distribution

  5. sumeet inani says:

    I got opencore-amr-0.1.2.tar.gz & now i have

    Checking for libopencore_amr narrowband ... yes
    Checking for libopencore_amr wideband ... yes

    Just one thing.
    Does this mean that the steps you have mentioned about zipping three files where last one should be (corso said) are not necessary ?
    open-core library is additional ?

    Thank You for prompt reply.

  6. Nils says:

    Well, this blogpost is a bit older, so i can't really tell you more about the opencore lib.

    Maybe it wasn't necessary at that moment, or i had it already installed.
    Maybe there is now another way with libopencore to compile MPlayer with such a support

  7. sumeet inani says:

    This is for information of all that in latest source snapshot of mplayer ( 26 feb 2010 onwards ) you need ONLY opencore-amr-0.1.2.tar.gz only.
    I am using ubuntu 8.04 & I compiled mplayer tarball just after opencore-amr install . It worked . I had booted ubuntu 8.04 from live cd si it was like fresh install.
    Thank you Nils for your valuable help.

  8. Nils says:

    Thanks for testing and giving a feedback!

    I'll update the post with a reference to your feedback

  9. Venkatesh says:

    The instructions were very useful. I am now able hear audio from 3gp files on my Fedora 10 system.


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