May 24
Long time new news, here comes a new script for you.

I've written a script for easy calculating the CIDRs of ranges for XChat.
You just need Net::CIDR.
Local echo: /cidr
Say to current channel: /cidrsay


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Apr 29
After upgrading to a new version, i've also changed the design of this blog.
Its now more friendly and hopefully you'll enjoy it :-)

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Feb 18
I've just released a more secure version of my psybnc numeric ident patch.
It'll now use the current username of the process for spoofing the ident, so you can't change your ident by editing the psybnc.conf file.

This patch has been written for version 2.3.2-4 and may also work with older versions.

You can get it here:

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Jan 15
I've just finished a new homepage for the TeamSpeak Admin Class.
I didnt like the old page anymore, so i just designed a new page in some hours.

I hope you like it ;-)

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Jan 14
Finally a new version of TSAC has been released today.

There were several fixes and changes in the code since the last release, here comes the CHANGELOG:


** New **
setpassword(), setmaxusers(), setservername(), adduser() are now standalone functions, so you can use it for editing later.
getglobalinfo() will give you several infos about the mainserver.

Please read the documents for the handling of these new functions

** Fixed **
deleteserver(): If a server was already stopped it wasnt deleted
getserverinfo(): now trimming non-visible characters
getserverlist(), getplayerlist(): now using str_replace and not preg_replace. PHP was trying to allocate a huge amount of memory with preg_replace if the list is big.
several typos in the documents


I've stripped some code from the addserver function so you can now edit the maximum playerlimit, servername, etc after adding the server.

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Dec 30
A bit late now here, just forgot to post it here too and not just on :-)

I've discovered a small bug in the deleteserver() function, what will not delete a server.
Once a server has been stopped and a new admin connection has been established to the mainserver the server has to be started first to get deleted.

Line 401:

if(!$this->stopserver($port)) return false;

Change to:

It seems, that the teamspeak server got a little cache, so you will get 2 different results if you delete it with the same connections while the server was added or if you create a new connection.

A new version will be released next year with new features and also including this bugfix.

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Nov 30
Die Qlimax war der Hammer!

Leider sind die Bilder der beschissenen Einwegcam (die nur erlaubt waren) nix geworden, dass ich nur 3 Bilder im Endeffekt habe...

Dafür gibt es Bilder in sehr geiler Qualität auf

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