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Sep 18
Since Pidgin Version 2.1.1 (atm till 2.2.0) some of the AIM/ICQ buddies are more than one time in your buddy list.

It seems that it is caused by the server, that holds a buddy in more than one group.

There is also a ticket at the bugtracker of Pidgin, there you can also download a patch I've written, that will fix the problem.

#2775 at Pidgin bugtracker

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Oct 5
Once again, after a longer time, I'll update this page again.
First of all, there's a new design, I hope you enjoy it.

Also I've written two new very small scripts, so you can post your current track played with amarok to users in gaim or XChat.

Script-Download for Gaim
Just put it into your gaim plugins directory, mostly .gaim/plugins and restart gaim and enable it. To use it, just use !np in the conversation window

Script-Download for XChat
Just put it into your XChat directory, mostly .xchat2. You can either load it by using /load .xchat2/ or restarting XChat. The usage is: /np

I hope you enjoy it :-)

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Dec 23
After some boring times, i've just written a small c program to check if a user exists on a system.
It has various exitcodes, so you can easily use it with other programs to check for a user.

# ./isuser
Usage: ./isuser

# ./isuser root
User root exist and has the UID 0


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May 24
Long time new news, here comes a new script for you.

I've written a script for easy calculating the CIDRs of ranges for XChat.
You just need Net::CIDR.
Local echo: /cidr
Say to current channel: /cidrsay


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Apr 29
After upgrading to a new version, i've also changed the design of this blog.
Its now more friendly and hopefully you'll enjoy it :-)

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Feb 18
I've just released a more secure version of my psybnc numeric ident patch.
It'll now use the current username of the process for spoofing the ident, so you can't change your ident by editing the psybnc.conf file.

This patch has been written for version 2.3.2-4 and may also work with older versions.

You can get it here:

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