May 1
Today I wondered that my safari browser (3.2.1) was taking 100% cpu just by displaying the apple page.

I've noticed that the blacklist-database for fraudulent websites seems to be broken.
If you have these problems try to disable that feature in the settings -> security dialog.
If you need the feature quit Safari first and execute the following command then:

sudo rm -r /private/var/folders/*

If you restart Safari now it'll rebuild your blacklist-database.

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Nov 11
I was getting tired of the mass of new INBOX folders with new Trashes and Sent folders. There is actually no real fix from apple, but some other guys found a workaround for it, and it worked perfect.

So follow this link:

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Mar 11
Due to license reasons the support of 3GP is not implemented in mplayer. You can play 3GP movies in mplayer but you wont hear sound.

Now you have to compile the amr support into your libavcodec.


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